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2021-2022 Annual Catalogue

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Hamster Magazine

Angle Magazine

Angle magazine focuses on the working world and analyzes its components. Exclusive Canada-wide survey, best practices, latest trends, challenges, and inspiration: angle broaches the topics that shape the everyday lives of Canadien workers and managers in 2020.

Hamster Magazine

Promotional Magazine
March 2021

Stand up, work better! Recent studies show that this work practice has its fair share of benefits. Alternate between sitting and standing, and make sure to take a few breaks here and there, you’ll see your concentration and energy levels increase significantly!

Hamster Magazine

Promotional Magazine
April 2021

Teleworking in 2021. Going from working in person at the office to working from home brings about significant changes for employees. One way to ensure this transition goes smoothly is by creating an optimal work environment that is adapted to your needs.