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Fastab® is Ready to Work Out of the Box

Built-in reinforced tabs are easy to label by either handwriting directly on the tab or applying self-adhesive labels.

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Virtually indestructible!

Features fully line gussets with tear-resistant Tyvek® and a special rollover reinforcement.

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Protects and Reduce Paper Cuts

Watershed®/Cutless® resists liquid spills and are dirt and finger-oil resistant. Contains 30% post-consumer waste. 

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Unique Grip® File

Requires less gripping force and strain to pick up out of drawers or to pull off shelves.

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The Most Convenient File Folder Ever

SuperTab® files allow to double the labelling area so you can write larger or use more lines of description. A really bright idea!

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Custom-Made for You

Sometimes, there is just nothing in the market to answer your very specific needs. Smead® has the solution for you.

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