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Here is a full line of products to meet the needs of educational institutions. These products are ergonomic, flexible, and integrate new technology.

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These versatile modular and group tables can be configured in myriad ways to enable students to work individually or in teams.

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These practical, solid and modern chairs are perfect for study halls or libraries.

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From reception areas to interactive learning stations and computer labs, we offer you complete space planning that is perfectly adapted to your academic environment.

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With its traditional style for modern learning environments, this collection of study carrels, desks for students and teachers, and desks with storage is designed to withstand daily use year after year.

educational content 4

This versatile and easy-to-use furniture is ideal for collaboration zones, training rooms and conference rooms.

educational content 6

These chairs are robust, yet refined. The perfect balance between form and function makes them ideal for classrooms and auditoriums. They can be easily stacked and moved with the help of an optional chair trolley.

educational content 8

This furniture can be configured, stacked and stored quickly and easily, allowing the classroom to be swiftly transformed as needed from a place to learn theory to a space ripe for group discussions.